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Thoughts on a Suse success story

Reading the success story published recently about oXya by Suse, we thought it reflected several related features of the oXya service: vendor-independence, flexibility, expertise and responsiveness.

oXya is vendor-independent because we do not resell third-party software licenses. This means that our customers can place complete trust in our advice with respect to the choice of applications and the design of technical architectures. When we get requests from third-party vendors to resell their products, we always give the same answer: we cannot enter into these kinds of relationship because they would compromise our role as trusted advisor to our customers.

Our flexibility follows from this independence. We specify the best combination of database and operating system—including open source solutions—for the particular requirements and priorities of each customer. Sometimes the key requirement is to reduce running costs, sometimes it is for data-processing speed, sometimes for ease of maintenance or to co-ordinate different operations across a multi-national enterprise. The Suse article lists some of the common OS/database combinations that we most commonly recommend.

Expertise follows from flexibility. Because we do not design architectures to a set formula, oXya’s technical consultants quickly develop an impressive depth and breadth of experience. Maybe this has something to do with our exceptionally low staff turnover (currently running at 2-3%). Whatever the issue, our customers can be confident that their oXya support team will have the expertise to respond.

Speed of response follows in turn from expertise. Because oXya is a specialist service provider, we can quickly solve any issue that arises, often working out-of-hours, relying only our internal resources. In combination with our 24/7 monitoring teams, problems are very often solved before our customers realise that anything was wrong in the first place.

The fact that we have been able to save customers between 50% and 80% in the costs of running their SAP systems is just one example of specialist service that oXya is able to offer.

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