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Becoming an expert SAP technical consultant is a great career move. SAP is the largest and most robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ecosystem, run by most of the world’s biggest businesses. As you would expect of a software system that does so much, SAP is also very complex and your expertise will always be in demand.

If you want to become (or maybe you already are) a SAP expert, then oXya is one of the best places that you could work. oXya is a specialist in its field and, with a staff turnover of less than 5%, many of our consultants have many years’ experience on dozens of major projects. As an oXya consultant, you will be alongside with some of the best people in the business.

Working on multi-disciplinary teams, you will find yourself learning from your colleagues all the time. With a flat organisational structure, an accessible management, and an all-inclusive pricing model, you will find no unnecessary bureaucracy getting in your way as you provide a responsive, quality service to the customer. If you meet a problem that you are not familiar with, you will always be able to find someone to help, whether they are sitting at the next-door desk, or whether they are a domain specialist who is just a phone call away. Because oXya is always signing new customers, there are always opportunities for people within the company who can take on new challenges.

There are lots of reasons to work for oXya: our excellent training policy, our strong and consistent growth in the international market, the intellectual challenge of the work itself, our commitment to ethical principles. But beyond all of that, there is something more: the sense that when you join oXya, you are joining a family.

In 2010, oXya employees celebrated the company’s tenth anniversary by taking half a day off work and making a video. It might give you a sense of what oXya’s existing employees themselves feel about the company. And if you are interested in becoming part of our team, make sure to send us your CV.